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I have been living in Lyon since 2003, but I was born in the countryside in Beaujolais, 50 km from here. Lyon has always been a part of my life: this is here my parents worked, here I studied History of art and Tourism, and here I found my vocation and my future. I passed my professionnal lincence and today, guiding ist my main activity.
The city opened my eyes and my mind on a larger, more international world, and where everything is possible. The museums of Lyon, its rich history and inheritage, but also the city itself with its treasure hidden under our feet, have inspired me humility and respect. The more I got acquainted with these places; the more I thought it would be the privileged theme of my studies.
As I was only a teenager, I had the occasion to welcome groups from everywhere in the world during music festivals in my town. All of this gave me the idea to become a guide-interpreter.
I have the pleasure to receive, to share, to welcome. The happiness of people I meet during my guided tours gives me satisfaction in my work. I am personally convinced that this work works both ways: by guiding the others, I learn myself from the others. And so my horizon widens as the visitors learn about the way of life here. As they leave Lyon, they take little souvenirs and good memories from our meeting and they let me with a light heart.
Let’s speak about emotion : the emotion I feel when I look at all this beauty in our region: the beauty of the city of Lyon and its rich history, the landscape alongside the Saone and Rhone rivers, and in the surrounding vineyards or the views from the numerous belvederes in the city… all of this associate me eternally with this place.
In our new world, where all the people are very high connected, very high informed and without any border, humans need more human relationships. A smartphone will never replace either the magic of a meeting or the pleasure to share.
And I hope you too will feel this wonder, this emotion if you visit the region with me, the region which is, according to me, the most beautiful in the world!