Concurrence, seduction and ruses: welcome to Versailles! (Palace + gardens)


Headquarter of the French Monarchy for more than two centuries, the Palace of Versailles is an emblematic place where the history of France had taken a decisive turn. Symbol of the art of living and the excellence "à la française", Versailles was also the center where the major decisions had been taken and had built not only France, but also all of Europe.

Luxe, organization, art of drama and race to the power are the best words to understand what was Versailles, from his creation to his decline. I invite you to discover two centuries of history and experience by yourself the daily life of the Court in the most sumptuous of the French palaces. Art, spirituality, techniques and knowledges, health and also entertainments are all the topics wich will be discussed together. Step by step, relive the highlights of the French history and discover the iconic characters that still haunt the corridors of the castle. Between concurrence, seduction and ruses, I will give you all the tips to slip into the skin of the perfect courtier.

Palace: Visit of the Great Appartments (King's appartment, Hall of mirrors, Queen's appartment) + no waiting line at the entrance

Estimated time of visit: 1h30


Gardens: History of the Gardens + Great Perspective + Emblematics groves + Orangerie

Estimated time of visit: 1h15.

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