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Balade Aux Brotteaux

Les gourmandises du 6e arrondissement Lyon est réputée pour sa gastronomie, que l’on retrouve dans plusieurs quartiers de Lyon. Mais certaines bonnes adresses se cachent dans le 6e arrondissement, et … (lire la suite)

Lyon, Fourvière hill

Fourvière is the cadle of Lyon : this is the place where the city was founded in the Roman time. On the top, visitors can enjoy several beautiful panorama points … (lire la suite)

Silk tour Lyon

Lyon and its silk workshops were the spearhead of the fabulous silk industry in France. Its remarquable quality was famous woldwilde, as all european royal courts ordered silk from Lyon. … (lire la suite)

Urban Museum Tony Garnier

This original tour shows an innovative quarter built in the late 1920's in Lyon by a local famous architect, called Tony Garnier, for workers. Renovated in the 1980's, it has … (lire la suite)

Gallic-Roman Museum, Lyon, in English

The Gallic-Roman Museum is situated on the Hill Fourvière, close to the Roman theaters, and was built in the 1970's. Its collection gathers items excavated in Lyon. The guided tour … (lire la suite)

Fine Art Museum Lyon

The Fine art Museum of Lyon is one of the most important in France. Its collection is rich and various: Egyptian Greek and romans antiques, medieval armours, paintings from the … (lire la suite)

Lyon alongside the river

Walking tour alongside the river. The Saone river has always been a spinal column for Lyon. It was a link with the countryside and today, is still one of the … (lire la suite)

Food tour Lyon

Lyon can pride itself on its art of living, being blessed geographically by its proximity to different farmers, varied products and a long history. Lyonnais culinary art use its celebrity … (lire la suite)

Cinema Museum Institut Lumiere in English

This private museum was founded in the family caslte of Antoine Lumiere. His sons, Auguste and Louis, invented here the cinema on the end of the 19th century. The museum … (lire la suite)

Lyon city center

The center of Lyon, was built between two rivers, so that it is also called « Peninsula ». Inhabited since the Antic Time, this is today the place where there … (lire la suite)